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Scratch games are among the games that offer you the quickest opportunities for enrichment. Download Europa Casino or try Web play to enjoy all our scratch card games and watch the winnings pile up more quickly than ever. Some of our scratch games have classic themes while others are themed after Marvel Comics superheroes. Pick a winner and scratch away!

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    • I tried scratch card games at Europa Casino and turned a €20 investment into €2,000. They’re my new favorite games!

      Sergio P., Brazil
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Everyone loves playing scratch card games. They’re quick, fun, easy and offer great odds.

Now you don’t need to dirty your nails when you play. In fact, you don’t even need a coin to scratch away those panels. Instead, you can do it all virtually, playing scratch card games online.

That’s right the same fun and thrills of regular cardboard scratchcards can now be enjoyed online right here at Europa Casino.

One of the great elements of scratch games, besides the prizes, is the entertainment value. Who doesn’t love a little suspense along the way? If that’s you, then you can scratch each virtual panel one by one. Want to find out right away if you’ve won? Great, just click the ‘Scratch All’ button and let the computer do the work for you, instantly.

There’s also an ‘Autoplay’ button you can click if you want the game to play automatically. Just choose how many games you’d like played and the computer once again does all the scratch work for you.

We have a wide range of fun and exciting scratch games for your endless entertainment. Each scratch game has a unique theme with fun symbols just waiting to be revealed.

While all of our scratch games offer the opportunity to win cash prizes, the amount differs from game to game, so make sure to check what jackpot’s up for grabs before you begin to play.

Additionally, while all scratch games are played in a similar manner, scratching away the covered panels, each game offers a slightly different variation on how to win. For example to win some scratch games all you need to do is find three of a kind, while for others you’ll need three in a row.

Itching to get started playing online scratch card games? Just download Europa Casino to get started.


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