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By now, you probably have a basic idea about how to play roulette. You know that it’s a game of chance. You know that the game centers on a roulette wheel, which must be spun for the right number. You also have an idea about the inside and outside bets. However, there are many roulette tips and strategies that you can use to maximize your chances of winning. Some of the strategies are proven and have been used by millionaires. Others are more obscure and are designed to give you an idea about how the game must be played.

roulette tips

Practice without Money

The game of roulette might change drastically after you take money out of the equation. After you realize that you are not going to lose money in the game, you can expand your horizons. When money’s on the line, most people try to play it safe. Unless you are a millionaire and can afford to spend thousands of dollars without a problem, it is a wise idea to practice without any money.

You can purchase a roulette wheel online if you want to practice at home. There are some established players who are able to make a calculated guess about where the ball is going to land by simply observing the manner in which it is thrown. After all, it is all in the flick of the wrist. Playing online will give you the freedom of mind to explore some new strategies and playing styles, so it is definitely worth it.

Use Well Known Strategies

Use well known strategies, such as the Martingale, while playing. The Martingale will help you generate a profit in the short run, though your winnings will be small. The strategy is simple: make a small bet on a color, such as black, on the roulette wheel. Every time you win, you make the same bet on the same color. If you lose, you simply double your bet on the next spin.

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Reserve Your Winnings

Let’s assume you start with $50 and reach $100 after a couple of hours. This gives you a $50 profit. Withdraw the sum as soon as you can and deposit it in your bank account. Now, you can’t lose the game. You can only draw even. This means you will leave with the amount with which you entered.

Check the Wheel

If you are playing in a traditional casino, you want to make sure that the roulette wheel isn’t biased. Spin the wheel carefully a few times to check for any biases. The wheel should spin freely and should come to a stop of its own accord. Playing online roulette won’t expose you to such risks (more about fair gaming at Europa Casino)

Print the Roulette Tips

When you begin playing, make sure you keep a printed version of the roulette tips on hand. You may end up winning a significant amount of money if you can refer back to the tips mid-game.

Don’t Try to Win Big Every Round

Although you can sometimes win big, it's better to set your goals to where the statistics are in your favor, such as with color bets. It doesn’t matter if you win a marginal amount; the important step is to minimize losses. Keep a level head while playing. Don’t let greed dictate your moves.


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