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How to win roulette: The best Roulette Strategies

When you step into a casino and hear the jingle of slot machines and the boisterous cheer of winning players, it can be quite intoxicating. There are so many exciting games to play in the casino, but the one with the most mystique is the game of roulette. Roulette is a fascinating game because it features one of the most unique and instantly recognizable features of any casino game.

Unlike the generic layout of any of the card games or craps table, the roulette wheel and adjacent game board are one of the most distinctive sights in any casino around the world. Learning how to play roulette is quite simple – although we can’t teach you exactly how to win in roulette, we can help you learn the basics.  A dealer spins a small ball on the roulette wheel, and wherever the ball lands, it determines whether the player wins or loses, depending on their specific bets. While it can be intimidating (you should always read up on the roulette rules first), and while we can’t explicitly teach you how to win at roulette, playing is actually quite easy, especially with the right online roulette strategies. It’s possible to profit from playing online roulette by using some basic roulette strategies and a bit of luck. Here are just some of the best roulette strategies you might like to try.

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The Martingale

One of the most popular roulette strategies and general methods of betting in the entire casino is the Martingale. It is a very simple system and, in fact, many bettors already do it without even knowing. With this roulette strategy, when you lose a bet, you simply double up the next bet. For example, if you lose two, bet four. If you lose four, bet eight, and so on. While this strategy can work, it is very risky as mounting losses will result in infinitely multiplying bets that can lose. It’s not the best roulette strategy - this bet is made under the assumption that the player will eventually win one of the bets.

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Spreading the Wealth

Another popular strategy that is often used in craps is covering the table, which means making multiple bets to up your chances of winning. Since there are so many quadrants and individual bets on a roulette table, you can easily spread your bets around to increase your chances of winning. It will allow you to also hedge off other bets, and with the right plays (possibly by combining some other online roulette strategies)and some luck, you can chip away a bit of profit with one of the wagers. 

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Flat Bets

With flat betting, you’re reducing your risk of tremendous loss in the short term but you’re banking on simply out dueling the roulette wheel in the long term. With flat bets, you bet the same amount with each bet. This means you’ll bet five dollars every hand if need be, rather than betting five, then doubling up or doubling down the bet. The purpose of flat betting is to try and win the majority of hands rather than making one huge bet. It’s a potentially troubling roulette strategy - flat betting can fail because you’re essentially trying to beat the house edge, when oftentimes, the house will eventually win out, especially in a game like roulette.

The Grind

Often known as Oscar’s Grind, this roulette strategy is similar to the Martingale, but it's less about doubling up and more about increasing bets without much risk. When you lose a hand, you simply flat bet until you win. Once you win, you up the bet by exactly one unit. You can continue to flat bet with this new amount until you win again, and then, you can up the unit bet yet again. This strategy is intended to chip away a small profit at the end, hence the name “Grind.”

Reverse Martingale Bets

How to win in roulette: Rather than doubling up when you lose, with the reverse martingale, you’ll double up when you win. This is a betting system that capitalizes on unit bets and maximizes profit based on streaks. It is a risky system, but it can be profitable assuming a player manages to hit the right bets.

D'Alembert Roulette System

A more mathematical approach to Roulette systems than the others mentioned here – the way it works is that you place and, if you lose, in your next bet you increase your stake by 1.

It’s best, in order to minimize losses, to start small. With even odds, the d'Alembert means you can place more than one bet at the same time on the table – for example, a number bet and a color bet.

If you win the bet, decrease your bet by 1; if you lose, increase it by 1.

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Paroli roulette System

The name ‘Paroli’ comes from the Latin ‘par’ – or ‘equal’.  Simply, the Paroli roulette system means a player doubles their wager after each win, until they win three times consecutively, which is the desired outcome. You start by placing a single wager on an even money outcome, e.g. betting on black. If you lose, you bet the same wager again. You keep ‘flat betting’, betting the same amount, until you win. Once you win, you double your starting wager. Theoretically, the wager will ultimately result in the net loss of one wager, or a seven wager profit.

Hollandish Bets

With Hollandish bets, you work similar to the Martingale. You pick a unit amount, and from there, you continue to bet until you hit the unit amounts within each set. Rather than continuing to double up infinitely, once you hit your desired amount, you simply go back to the beginning of the progression. This is a very simple roulette strategy, but as with any other betting system, it is not foolproof. 

Smaller Progressive Bets

Rather than making huge double-up bets like you would with the Martingale, the D'Alembert works by only increasing your bet units by one or two after each loss. This will allow a player to gain back his winnings bit by bit, but it doesn’t feature the immense risk of bankroll destruction that the Martingale system carries. Because you're betting progressively, you can still wipe out your money, but the smaller progressions reduce the chance of catastrophic loss. 

Playing The Colors

One of the most common bets on a roulette table is playing the color. In roulette, you have two colors from which to choose. The colors are red and black, and while it technically isn’t a “color” bet, there is the 00 bet, which features a hefty payout. Because the 00 bet is more of an exotic play, the main bets that are color-related would be red and black. Betting on red and black is one of the easier bets you can make on a roulette table, and it is easily one of the more profitable ways to really make money. Rather than playing on a smaller quadrant or individual number, playing an entire color gives the player an even-money opportunity to make the most of their wager.

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Reverse Progressive Bets and Being Consistent

Rather than increasing with smaller progressions like you would with the D'Alembert, you would decrease your bets after losses in this reverse progressive system. The theory is that over time, the wins and losses will even out. This roulette strategy can work because it is a lot more progressive; but remember, whichever you pick to use strategically is something you have to stick with for the entirety of a betting session, meaning it might not be the best roulette strategy.

While it isn’t a strategy in and of itself, sticking to the same bet type will ensure your units are symmetrical and you’re not abandoning the roulette strategy with which you came in playing.

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