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EntroPay casino deposits are available at Europa Casino.

This payment method’sclaim to fame is that it was the first virtual prepaid card Europe-wide, making it the first ever to offer a straightforward and quick to use payment method.

Regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA), EntroPay payments are accepted globally at millions of merchants.

What is EntroPay?

It’s an online payment method, similar to other available deposit methods, such as Skrill, POLi and others, such as Neteller. It’s a virtual way to send and receive payments online.

Straightforward, easy to use and prepaid, EntroPay allows users to add funds and use them in the same placed which accept Visa.  To put it in plain English, it’s a virtual debit card, allowing users to make purchases online, which includes including making casino EntroPay deposits.

Plus, since it’s a debit card which is pre-paid, it means users are only able to spend up to the amount added to the EntroPay account, meaning debt accumulation is impossible. There are no financial restrictions to using EntroPay, such as a credit check, to receive or be eligible for an EntroPay card. Anyone can register for an account and receive their online virtual Visa card.

Europa Casino is an established EntroPay casino, and is happy to receive EntroPay online casino deposits.

Check out EntroPay’s video for more information here:

How to use EntroPay

Go to EntroPay’s official site and click ‘Sign Up Now’:

EntroPay home screen


You’ll then be taken to the registration screen. Fill in all of your details, or for less fuss, you can even register using your Facebook account. Once you’ve done so, click ‘Get your Card!’.

EntroPay registration screen



On the next screen, you’ll see the ‘top up by credit card’ screen:

EntroPay credit card top up option


Here, you can choose how much you’d like to top up (note: the amount will always be in USD - $), or change your top up method to be via bank transfer, which brings you to this screen:

EntroPay bank transfer top up option


Advantages and disadvantages of using EntroPay

Just as with any online payment methods, casino EntroPay deposits have advantages and disadvantages:

  • It’s safe and instant: EntroPay means instant and safe deposits for players into their casino accounts, in USD, GBP and EUR currencies.
  • There’s no chance of overspending:  as players can spend only what they’ve got in funds, and no more – there’s an automatic limit. Once the money is gone, it’s gone – until it’s topped up again.
  • It’s easy to get an EntroPay account – just sign up and follow the steps as detailed above.
  • There may be extra fees to pay for loading your Virtual Visa card, which should be checked beforehand.



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