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Need a Vacation?

Do you need a vacation? Let Europa Casino help you with that. To celebrate our great new game, the shiny and HD’d Vacation Station Deluxe slots, we’ve gathered some of the weirdest vacation stations around, for your viewing pleasure…

Still using your favorite 3 x 3 lines and stake-small-win-big design, the game looks, well, like it’s had a vacation, with better graphics and a cleaner user interface.

You can feel ten times better (or not) with some of these beautiful, terrifying and just plain weird vacation stations…

Seagaia Ocean Dome

Landscape of Seagaia Ocean Dome

Want all the fun of the beach, without actually getting burned, or stepping outside? The Seagaia Ocean Dome in Japan was a massive indoor waterpark, themed to look like a Polynesian island. Measuring 300 by 100 metres, it also made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. It even had a fake flame-spitting volcano, artificial sand and the world’s largest retractable roof which, Hogwarts-style, was always a blue sky – even when it was raining. Sadly, this covered-paradise closed its doors in 1997.

Alnwick Poison Garden

Alnwick Poison Garden Gate

Designed to look like the Botanical gardens in Padua, Italy, the Alwick Poison Garden is a bit different. For starters, it was funded in 2005 by the Duchess of Northumberland, England.

She said she had the idea after wondering, “Why so many gardens around the world focused on the healing power of plants rather than their ability to kill… I felt that most children I knew would be more interested in hearing how a plant killed, how long it would take you to die if you ate it and how gruesome and painful the death might be.”

With signs at the entrance saying, “These Plants Can Kill You,”, visitors can neither touch nor smell what’s in the garden, which houses Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade), Strychnos nux-vomica (strychnine), and Conium maculatum (hemlock). Interestingly, the garden was also used as a stand-in for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films.

Karni Mata Temple

Rats in the Karni Mata Temple

It is well-known that in India, cows are treated as sacred. But did you know that in some places, rats are too? It is believed that rats are the incarnation of Indian goddess Durga. In the Karni Mata Temple, rats run freely, are regularly fed and provided milk – all 20,000 of them. There are even special tunnels, so that the rats can travel freely throughout the temple.

Island of the Dolls

Island of the Dolls

Down in Mexico, La Isla De Las Muñecas, or Island of the Dolls is just that – an island full of old, creepy dolls strung from trees.  The story goes that a child died in a canal, and later, an island resident saw a doll floating by and hung it from a tree to honor the child’s spirit. Becoming obsessed, he began hanging more old, creepy dolls around the island, until his own drowning in the canal in 2001.

Free Spirit Spheres

free spirit spheres

Have you ever had the urge to hang from a ball suspended above a forest? How about to sleep in there? Well now you can, with the help of Canadian Free Spirit Spheres. Sort of like a treehouse crossed with a tent, each Sphere comes with a bed, a desk, a chair and sometimes other accoutrements like a kitchenette and sound system.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

An undersea restaurant

How about counting fish instead of sheep to fall asleep? Try Jules’ Undersea Lodge, in Key Largo, Florida. Comprising of two rooms, it’s the only undersea hotel in the USA. It’s 30 feet deep on the ocean floor, and since it opened in 1986, potential guests have to get there by scuba diving.

Alcatraz Hotel


Strangely located in Germany, with no connection to the famous San Francisco island prison, the Alcatraz Hotel lets guests feel how it is to be incarcerated, for the length of their stay. Converted from an actual prison, each of the 56 rooms/cells have barred windows, a toilet in the corner of the room and a steel door complete with feeding slot.


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