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Online casino platforms: Mobile Casino, or Download Casino?

For well over a decade, millions of casino players and fans have become intimately familiar with everything on offer at Europa Casino, the most glamorous online casino in Europe. That familiarity extends to Europa Casino’s great deposit bonus promotions and what players can expect from each new game that gets added to the hundreds we already have on offer. It’s that type of excitement about the casino offerings that not only makes us one of the world’s top online casino brands, but also makes our players some of the best and most loyal in the world.

Deeply knowledgeable, most players are thus probably aware that Europa Casino’s games can be played via a number of platforms; i.e., via the instant web play, on a mobile device, and via download. But are you aware of the differences when playing on each of these individual platforms?

In order to give our players the tools they need to make an informed choice (as well as exciting tips and more in Europa’s online magazine) about which platform to use when playing at Europa Casino, we’ve compiled this helpful chart that lays everything out in a simple, easy-to-internalize fashion. Have a look:

Web vs. Download vs. Mobile – What’s right for you?

First Deposit Bonus 

100% up to $100  

$2,400 Welcome Package

100% up to $100  

$2,400 Welcome Package

100% up to $100  

$2,400 Welcome Package + 15% Extra if you deposit via mobile

Number of games/game selection 250+ games available for play 400+ games available for play 

Almost 30

Payment methods



Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron, Bank Transfer,Paypal and more..
Safe for work? When taking a short break at work, you can just log in to the Instant Play casino via the web. No. Don’t download the casino software to your work computer. Completely safe. You can play at Europa Casino Mobile on your private mobile device anytime, anywhere.  
In public settings Instant play is perfectly acceptable in a public setting. Just log in via the web and start playing your favorite casino games. No. Don’t download the casino software to a public computer. Completely safe. You can play at Europa Casino Mobile on your private mobile device anytime, anywhere. 
Progressive jackpots? 50+ progressive jackpot games 50+ progressive jackpot games About half a dozen progressive slots and other games


So Which Platform Should You Choose?

With three different platforms to choose from, at first glance you’d think there would be a “best one” among them. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that there are advantages to choosing to play at Europa Casino via each of the three platforms. So which platform should you choose?

For instance, one obvious advantage that playing on mobile has over web play and downloading the online casino software is that it allows you to play anytime, anywhere. In terms of convenience and modularity in desktop vs. mobile, it’s simply impossible to lug around your PC and carrying a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet is far less weighty than a full-size laptop.

By the same token, if you just can’t get enough Europa Casino but you’re mostly sitting in front of public computers all day, then instant play casino games are there for you. You can simply just select the Instant play option and use your log in credentials to play from any computer terminal.

Once you get home at the end of your day, however, it’s certainly more convenient to fire up the downloadable Europa Casino software on your personal computer. After all, you’ve got that much bigger a screen to enjoy your favorite games on.

Most importantly, your choice doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. On different days at different times of the day you’ll probably find one platform to be more suitable than another. Mix and match among web play, mobile play, and playing on the downloaded software for the full Europa Casino experience.


Is One Particular Platform Better than the Others?

As we mentioned above, the differences among the Europa Casino online casino platforms don’t necessarily make one better than another. Rather, each has a unique set of offerings and benefits.

The best example of this is that only when playing on downloadable software or via the web will you be able to access the full suite of games we offer. Sure, the games are great at Europa Casino Mobile, but if you’re looking for more variety, the choice of which platform to use is pretty much a no-brainer. This is basically the crux of the pc vs mobile issue.

With regard to choosing between web play and the downloadable software, they pretty much offer players the same options, with a major exception – privacy. The fact of the matter is that if you primarily use a public or shared computer, you probably can’t (not would you want to) have downloadable online casino software sitting on it. As such, your best bet would be to use the Instant Play option. However, if you’re in your own home and have no need to worry about someone looking over your shoulder at what you’re doing, then there’s no reason not to download the software to your PC and play that way.

With all of that said, here at Europa Casino we’re acutely aware that each player has his or her preference and preferred method as to how they’d like to play our games. We also know that everyone’s got their own opinions as to which method of play is “better”. So, while not advocating for any method in particular, we’re just happy that we can offer our players a choice of three excellent ways to play their favorite casino games.


Do the Different Platforms Have Anything in Common?

Well, we’ve certainly already gone into depth about what makes each of the platforms unique from one another. It begs the question of whether there’s anything common among them or not.

The answer: Of course!

All three Europa Casino platforms are powered by Playtech software. Regarded as an industry-leading software developer with a stellar reputation, Playtech produces software that’s known to be ultra-secure, as well as beautifully designed and user intuitive. Regardless on which of the three Europa Casino platforms you choose to play on, you’ll enjoy a safe online gaming experience that’s quite simply designed to maximize your enjoyment.

Aside from the software itself, there are other similarities among the platforms. Customization options, for instance, are available for both the Instant Play and the downloadable versions. Also, new games that arrive at Europa Casino are launched on both of those platforms almost simultaneously, so you won’t be missing out on the latest titles just because you’ve chosen one platform over another.

Finally, whichever platform you use to make your deposits and withdrawals at the Cashier, your account balance will be updated and reflected appropriately on the other platforms next time you use them.


With Fewer Games, Why Would Anyone Choose Mobile?

Indeed, one would think that just a few dozen games available vs. the full suite of hundreds would be a distinct disadvantage of the mobile platform. While there’s merit to this, the positives outweigh the negatives. It’s far more convenient to travel around with a phone or tablet than a laptop or a PC. Having that sort of constant access, via your mobile device, to some of Europa Casino’s best titles is simply impossible via the other platforms (by definition). While this may be obvious, it’s not something a casino fan ought to take for granted. Often, you’re just out of the house or on the move more than you’d like to be. The availability of Europa Casino Mobile means that you’re never too far away from logging in and enjoying a good online gamble. Plus, more games are always being added to the mobile platform anyhow.

Moreover, if you’re out of the house, you might prefer to use the Instant Play software to play while on a public computer. However, that would require that the public computer have Flash software installed, which isn’t always the care. Therein lies another advantage of the mobile software, which doesn’t require Flash in order to work.


Flash casino or download?

There are of course advantages to both online casino platforms to play in – with Flash, for example, a site can be more interactive and responsive. Flash is also the most versatile technology which works under many operating systems, including iOS, Windows and Linux. Flash also is constantly up to date with the latest technology, being updated frequently. There are also no cross-browser issues with using Flash.
Download, on the other hand, is always on your computer, ready and waiting for when you need it. It’s always easily accessible (for example, with instant play casino games), meaning that should you have any issues affecting your browser, the downloaded software won’t be affected.

In sum, whether it’s web, mobile, or download, all Europa Casino platforms are a good fit!

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