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Secrets of Big Casino Winners Revealed

Secrets of Big Casino Winners Revealed

We're excited every time one of our players scores a big win, cashing in for large amounts of money at our blackjack and roulette tables, or even at video poker. We wondered if our big winners shared common playing habits. Is there a specific day of the week when they win their huge prizes? We checked through our data to determine the profile of our big winners. Perhaps the information can guide you to the best time, day, and game to score your own big win.

Day of the week with the most BIG wins

Day of the week with the most BIG wins

Monday is the day when our winners cash in the most! Could this be because they relaxed so much during the weekend that they came back to the slots on Monday full of good spirits and a renewed desire to win? Or perhaps, the odds for winning on Mondays are greater than the other days of the week. Our advice = try your luck on Monday!

Time of the Day which winners wins

Should we be surprised that most of our winners won big during the late evening hours? We would have guessed that their biggest successes would have been in the middle of the night, when everyone else was sleeping. Perhaps Lady Luck is eager to show up following a good dinner. The results of our survey are convincing - it's worth placing your bets in the late evenings!

Which game do our winners play?

Our biggest winners play a variety of games, and all of them are fun for sure. If playing slots is the most profitable game type of all, that's where we'll be heading next time we visit the casino!

How much do our winners bet?

How much do our winners bet?

The bigger your bet, the more you stand to win. This principle applies to all types of casino games. What surprised us from the statistics is that you don't have to make huge bets in order to win money. Just placing a $5 bet gives you a good chance to triple your investment. And sometimes, you can win even more!

Ulitmate winners profile

Does this profile of the ultimate winner fit you? Do you play slots late on Monday nights, betting more than $5? If not, and if you're interested in becoming a big winner, perhaps you can adapt your playing habits to fit this profile of the ultimate winner. You have nothing to lose, and actually, you have everything to win!

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