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Popular Australian Good Luck Charms

Australian Good Luck Charms Infographic

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Anything can be a lucky charm…

Have a look at these objects – some are more easily explained than others! But, from frogs, to plants, via lucky cats and evil eyes, if you believe it brings you luck it surely will!

Where do you carry your lucky charm?

Close to your heart? On your hands? It could be a mobile phone cover, or even in (or on!) your car – you can feel lucky anywhere and everywhere; for some inspiration, take a look at where other people put them!

Lucky Australian Celebrities:

Did you know that even your favorite celebs have their own good luck charms? Lleyton Hewitt listens to boxing anthem “Eye of the Tiger” before big matches. Stephen White is an advice-dispensing human good luck charm, Steve Waugh keeps a lucky red rag in his pocket, Isla Fisher wears necklaces with good luck symbols and Patty Mills has become known for famously waving his towel to bring good luck. Find out how your favorite stars get lucky – and stay lucky on your next game of online pokies!

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Curiosities and Good Luck Gifts:

You’ll even find good luck charms in Australia’s very own landscape! Melbourne’s Fairy Park’s well rewards those who throw coins in, while in Tangaloona Island resort, feeding the wild dolphins (according to Roger Federer) will bring you good luck and success.

Or, if you’d like a bit of portable luck, follow our suggestions for what to being someone for a bit of a good luck boost! They’ll be a lot warmer and a lot more organized if you do…!


Oh no – here are some things to avoid if you’re after good luck – or, if you’re looking to up your quota for the day. But pay attention – none of these gambling superstitions are scientifically proven! Find coins in the street and flip them; hit that blackjack table where you place your bet and blow those cards/dice or cups for an extra lucky windfall.

Tell Us About Your Favourite Good Luck Charm:


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