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A Handy Guide to Gambling Superstitions

Depending on who you talk to, gambling is either entirely a game of luck or skill or can be influenced by any number of factors.

Here at Europa Casino, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a brief guide to the most common (and the strangest) gambling beliefs and superstitions out there.

We would also like to take the opportunity to remind you to find your red undies, count to eight and – for heaven’s sake! – Don’t. Touch. Anyone.

Good luck!

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For most gamblers, numbers are nothing more than the amount on the card or the prize won.

However, in some gambling circles, numbers are thought to actually influence the outcomes of a bet. According to Chinese numerology, the number 8 is incredibly lucky and is related to ideas of prosperity. Other lucky numbers, usually used in combination with 8s, are 3s,6s and 9s.

Whatever you do though, casino superstitions say to stay away from the number 4 if you’re playing with Chinese players. In Cantonese, the word for the number 4 is similar sounding to the word ‘die’. It’s best to keep alive…and lucky, in this case!


Onto the stranger aspects of gambling superstitions – we present to you the idea that what you wear can influence your wins. For Chinese gamblers, the color red is the best to wear and will invite windfalls. It’s even better if you wear red underwear (!), in their opinion. Don’t even think about wearing black though, or you’ll be avoided at the tables – and lose. Did you know that carrying a rabbit foot is a popular Australian good luck charm?

Personal hygiene

Yes – the Chinese believe that personal hygiene can influence your wins! You want to know the luckiest time of the month? It’s, uh, that time of the month (sorry guys – but good for you, ladies!). We don’t know how or why menstruation is connected to the idea of better gambling, but we are told this casino superstition is true.

Good news for everyone though – apparently washing your hands during a game can change your luck! If you’re not doing so well, go to the bathroom, wash your hands and your luck will improve; if you’re doing well – stay away at all costs.

Personal interactions

Similarly, it is believed that personal interaction can affect your take-home winnings. Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES touch shoulders with someone gaming next to you, as according to the Chinese, this will make their luck (or not) rub off onto you, or destroy yours. Or even stay away from everyone – they also believe that having sex before a gambling trip is a Very bad idea indeed.

So now we know – the best way to succeed in gambling, according to superstition, is to be celibate while wearing red underwear, playing with only numbers 3,6,8,9 and to be on your period.

Don’t believe all of that? Try your luck (no red undies necessary!) and instantly play more than 400 games at Europa Casino today.


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