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Interesting Facts About Australian Pokies

Australians are huge fans of online pokies, and Australia is huge itself, but the question is who is bigger - the great Down Under or the one-armed bandit?

We took a number of factors into account and measured the slots up against Australian norms in a unique attempt to pinpoint pokies’ position on the Australian landscape.

Australian pokies infographic

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Land Mass

Let’s start with pure “pound-for-pound, inch-for-inch” muscle, as they’d say in classic US boxing. Or in this case, since it’s Oz we’re talking about, we’ll make it metric.

The largest pokie machine in the world stands at an incredible 2.75 metres high! Of all the strange things, it was built by the software giant Microsoft to coincide with the release of Windows 95.

2.75 meters doesn’t sound so huge in comparison to some of Australia’s larger mountains, and it may pale a tad in contrast to the infamous Big Banana at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales – the biggest banana in the world – which is an astonishing 13.1 metres long. But to put it in perspective, the average Australian males stands at “just” 1.78 meters, practically half the height of this super-sized slot machine.

Other local “landmarks” also don’t quite measure up with the average kangaroo coming in at 2.44 meters tall, a large sized local emu at 1.88 meters and Crocodile Dundee himself – whose name is apparently larger than his stature – at a mere 1.73 meters.


Pokies don’t just seem proliferous across Australia, they are! At last count, there are in fact 200,000 pokie machines scattered across the 6 states of the land of Oz. This is almost 3% of the global pokies machine population, which clocked in recently at 7,249,919.

But they’re not nearly as prevalent as people – 23,869,500 of whom call Australia home – or kangaroos who total more than 60,000,000, almost triple that of the human population.

Back to the people and the pokies – do the math and you’ll see, there is one slot machine per 120 people!

It’s also a lot when you think about Australia and its beaches. Considered a particularly “beachy” destination (thanks to its large island status), Australia has an impressive 10,865 beaches. If you divided the pokie population evenly amongst them, each beach would have 18.4 machines for local patrons to play. With that many more pokies than beaches, it’s a wonder that the mystique of the beaches seems to prevail.


Whilst this is a truly strange thought indeed, and one may wonder why such a thing would ever transpire, but if you took all of Australia’s pokies and lay them in a straight line, they would cover a compiled distance of 340 km – just a bit more than the distance between say Sydney and the capital in Canberra (287 km), though a fraction of the length of the Great Barrier Reef (2,300 km).

But put all those pokies along the Nullarbor Road – the longest straight road at 147 km, and one heck of a boring drive – and you could literally pave it back and forth with pokie machines! Might not be a bad idea, and a good way to break up the arid landscape… Pit, or should we say pokies stop, anyone?


With online pokies having such a large presence in Australia, the question remains, how popular are they really? When it’s money time, what’s really Australians’ favourite game?

Based on the polls, and not the least bit surprising, it is indeed pokies at a whopping 55%!

After that come table games (like roulette and blackjack), followed by pure gamble pursuits like horse and dog racing, and lotteries. In last place, somewhat surprisingly based on Australia’s reputation as an active people, sports betting.

Bottom Line

After careful study, one thing is for certain – big in every sense of the term, pokies machines hold a prominent position on the Australian landscape. So move over kangaroo! Take a seat koala. Well-loved and oft played, pokies may soon become the next symbol of the Land Down Under.


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