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Blackjack is a very popular casino game. It originated in France and has been taken up all over the world in countries that have land-based casino gaming – and even on cruise ships that traipse the globe. Aside from land-based casinos, blackjack is of course now available online, where you can play for money or for fun, wherever you are in the world. Online blackjack makes the game much more convenient and faster. There are also different versions of the game such as Blackjack Pro, (classic) Blackjack, Pontoon, and more, all with slight variations. Learn about the history of blackjack here. You can try them all and pick the one you like best.

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There are two options for you to play blackjack online Europa Casino: one is to access it on the Web or, alternatively, you can download the software. Although the website version is faster to access, for more frequent use, a desktop shortcut of the software will not hurt either and will come in handy and serve as a constant reminder to hone your blackjack skills.

3 Point Blackjack Guide

Below is a simple 3-point blackjack guide that explains how the game of blackjack is played, general blackjack rules, and what blackjack strategies you can use to win. It will be particularly useful to you if you are new to the game. 

  1. Each round of gameplay is called a hand. In one hand, you are initially dealt out two cards. The game is contested between the player and the dealer, who represents the house (the casino). You have to keep the sum of your cards greater than the dealer’s but less than 21, otherwise you “bust” and the dealer wins. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all valued at 10, numbered cards are scored as per their value, and an ace is valued at 1 or 11. If your hand has an ace with a value of 1, it is called a “soft” position. The term “blackjack” means getting a two-card hand equal to 21, in which case, you automatically win.

  2. You start by placing your bets. Next, the dealer deals out two cards for each player and two cards for him or herself. The dealer’s second card is not made visible to anyone and is known as the ‘hole’ card. In other words, you don’t know how much the dealer has until the end of the game. So, you get to choose what your strategy will be only on the basis of the dealer’s face-up card. 

  3. Once you look at your own cards, you have the option to make one of five basic moves:

the options at blackjack

Hit: This means to take another card. You can keep hitting as long as you want, so long as the total does not exceed 21. If you go above 21, you will be ‘busted’ and lose automatically.

Stand: If you do not want to take another card, you have the option to ‘stand.’ It is almost always a good idea to stand if youare really close to 21, but this of course depends on the dealer’s face-up card and the amount of risk you are willing to take.

Double Down: This means you’ll receive just card and then be forced to stand (unless you bust), in exchange for doubling yourbet.

Split: If you’re dealt a pair, or two cards of equal value, you can split it into two hands, draw up one more card for each hand and place a new bet on your second hand. This is optional.

Surrender: Some versions of blackjack, but not all of them, allow you to surrender your hand, which means you can forfeit if you don’t believe the actions you take will enable you to beat the dealer. If you surrender, you’ll receive half of your initial bet back

Whether you win or lose at blackjack depends primarily on the dealers’ hand, which gets turned face-up at the end. If the dealer goes ‘bust’, i.e., over 21, and you haven’t, you automatically win. If the dealer does not bust, then you win only if you hand is higher in value than the dealer’s hand, but less than 21. If it is less than the dealer’s hand, you lose. If your hand is equal to dealer’s hand, then neither the house nor you wins. It is a tie, called a “push”.

General Online Blackjack Tips

So, generally speaking, the idea is for you to keep hitting and taking more cards, so you have more and more chance of getting higher than the dealer. But hitting also means taking the chance that a card with a higher number will come and you will go bust. Sometimes though, it’s best to stand even with a relatively weak hand and hope that the next card peeled out of the shoe will cause the dealer to bust,.

Therefore, it is a good idea to remember these online blackjack strategy basics and not just rely on luck. You have to hit or stand according to the dealer’s face-up card. If the dealer’s up card is showing a small number, it is usually safer to stand when you’ve got a “weaker” hand like 15. If you have a high total, like 18 or 19, you should know that the probability of a 2 or 3 appearing versus the probability of a 10 is quite slim. You can also ensure your chances of winning by keeping a count of cards in the deck, as to which ones have already been dealt. This will increase your likelihood of making accurate decisions as more and more hands are dealt out.

In the end, you should use a combination of blackjack strategy and risk taking to play the game. Be sure to enjoy the game and have fun. Best of luck – may you hit upon some good money!

Find more blackjack tips from our interview with blakcjack expert John Grochowski.

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When to Split and When Not To at the Blackjack Table

When playing blackjack in an online casino, one of the most exciting decisions you can make is the choice to split your cards. If you're dealt two cards of the same value – two kings, two sixes, you name it – you have the option of splitting them and playing two hands instead of one. Suddenly, you have double the action riding on the outcome! It's double the risk, but it's also double the chance to beat the house and win some money.

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Splitting is always tempting, especially if you're an action junkie who's eager to get in there and gamble. But if you choose to split at every single opportunity, you'd be throwing money down the drain. It's important to fine-tune your strategy and know exactly when to split – and more importantly, when not to. Winning double your bet is quite the thrill, but losing double is a horrible feeling.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a few example blackjack hands. Ask yourself - do you split here? The answer isn't always obvious.

The No-Brainer

The situation: You're dealt two 8s, and the dealer shows a 5

Your play: Split it. For sure. This is a textbook example of when to split – when the dealer shows a 5, he's very weak, as he could easily have a 15 that he's forced to hit and risk busting. Your two 8s make 16, which is a strong holding against a possible 15, but splitting them is even better. You could easily make two high hands instead of one, doubling your profits. Easy call

The Gold Mine

The situation: You're dealt two 5s, and the dealer shows a 4.

Your play: Another situation where the dealer is weak, so you should split, right? Nope. Better yet is to double down! With a natural 10, you can hit and easily make a monster hand as-is, so there's no need to push your luck with 5s that might backfire. Doubling down is a low-risk way to win two bets.

The Dealer Bust

The situation: You're dealt two 3s, and the dealer shows a 4.

Your play: Splitting 3s can be tricky, since you could easily find yourself in a rough spot at 13 when you hit them. Here's the thing: Standing on that 13 is just fine when the dealer is weak too. If the dealer shows a 4, 5 or 6, there's a decent chance he busts, and you'll want to double your money if so.

Taking The Sure Thing

The situation: You're dealt two 9s, and the dealer shows a 7.

Your play: Splitting 9s can be tempting - if you end up with a pair of 19s, you can win two bets, lickety-split. But there's a chance you hit a low card with one or both of the 9s, and then you're in a rough spot. Meanwhile, the dealer has a 7, meaning he could be very strong at 17. Splitting here could be a disaster. Meanwhile, standing is a sure thing – your 18 is very solid already, so best to stick with it.

The Wild Card

The situation: You're dealt two aces.

Your play: Split 'em. Always. Aces are a gold mine for splitting, since you can make them 1 or 11. Split now, figure out the rest later. With so many cards having a value of 10 in the deck, you’ve also got a great shot at getting not one but TWO blackjacks… Payouts in this game just don’t get any better than that!

There are a huge veracity of Hit or Stand Situation, so make it easy, here below is the full chart to any option there is and how should you act accordingly 

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