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Best Blackjack Movies and Books

Like all popular card games, blackjack too has quite the following of loyal fans. Blackjack makes plenty of appearances in fictional works like books and movies. Whether you are a blackjack fan or not, we’re sure that if you take a look at these lists of the best casino movies and entertaining and instructional books, you’ll probably find something to add to your collection and either reignite or foster your interest for the ever popular table game.

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Top 8 Blackjack Movies

21 (2008) cover photo

21 (2008): One of the most popular blackjack movies ever made about blackjack, it is a 2008 drama film in which 5 MIT students learn card counting techniques and win millions at casinos around Las Vegas. It is based on the book Bringing Down the House, by Ben Mezrich.

60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack (2005): This is an instructional movie that gives you a thorough introduction to the game of blackjack as well as an overview of tried and tested strategies in just 60 minutes, as per its promise. The movie even includes a practice session in the end. Learn about the history of blackjack here.

Rain Man (1988): Rain Man is, although one of the best casino movies in history, despite not being specifically a blackjack movie. It makes this list because it includes a very popular and iconic blackjack scene. The Academy Award-winning movie (Best Picture) stars Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, who together were able to do some incredible card counting and use it to their advantage at a casino to win tons of money.


The Hangover (2009): Like Rain Man, it’s not the best casino movie around; The Hangover is also not focused on just the game of blackjack itself, but instead is a story of a bachelor party gone wild. The incredibly popular movie, now part of a successful franchise, is a story about four guys who go partying in Las Vegas and naturally, end up at a casino at one point during the movie, where they play blackjack.

The Last Casino (2004): The Last Casino is another one of those best casino movies, based on the idea of Bringing Down the House, where three students use smart card counting strategies to win big. 

Essential Blackjack – A guide for players and dealers (2006): This is not an entertainment flick but rather an educational movie and a comprehensive guide to playing blackjack. It includes a host of useful tips about the game.

Jinxed (1982): If you’re looking for movies about blackjack , this one is a bit different. Jinxed is unique among blackjack films as it is a comedy movie about a jinx placed on a blackjack dealer by a professional gambler such that the player simply cannot lose to him. The gambler follows the dealer around wherever he deals and keeps on winning.

Croupier (1998): Featuring Clive Owen, Croupier is about a person who becomes a croupier to makes ends meet and instead becomes attracted by the drama of the casino world and the constant drama and glamour that the casinos have to offer. It’s another of those movies about blackjack with a slightly darker feel.

Play to Win collection set – Blackjack, Craps, Slots: Another instructional movie about best strategies for winning at blackjack; part of a series that offers tips about how to win at craps and slot games as well.

Top 6 Blackjack Books – The Best Blackjack Books

Blackjack Blueprint – How to Play like a Pro: This is a blackjack book with an appealing title! Don’t just learn blackjack tips and strategies, but know the makeup of the game itself. The book teaches you how to think like a pro, really turning you into an advanced player.

Professional Blackjack, by Stanford Wong: Another one of those great blackjack books with professionally developed math strategies that show you how to beat the game.

Beat the Dealer, by Edward Thorp: Another famous book that introduced some great strategies for how to beat the game. Thorp is known as the father of card counting and that says a lot about the credibility of this book.

Bringing Down the House, by Ben Mezrich: This is a work of fiction based on the story of a group of MIT students who take Las Vegas for millions with their awesome play while utilizing card counting strategies. The book became very popular, and a number of famous blackjack movies (and others) are based on this particular book.

Big Book of Blackjack, by Arnold Snyder: Provides not only tips and strategies, but full coverage of the game as a whole, including information about its history and origins. It’s one of the best blackjack books out there!

The World’s Greatest Blackjack book, by Lance Humble: Another one of the best blackjack books around – this is a great instructional book, telling you about odds, betting and other strategies.

Some other well-known, popular books include Blackjack – Take the money and run, Black Belt in Blackjack, Bootlegger’s 200 Proof Blackjack and Best Blackjack.

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